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Urban Trek


Urban Trek - Webcomic
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This is the home of the Urban Trek Webcomic, done by Kate. Follow the story of Cricket, Lease, Skull, and their friends in the twisted world of post-apocalyptic sickness and violence.
Cricket is sick with a cough. The dirt and grime of the city, and of living in an abandoned subway tunnel is making it worse each day. Lease and Skull have decided that the only option is to move her out of the city, where she can recover in clean air.
Follow these three cybergoths on an epic adventure of friendship and familial love, and enjoy the surreal artistry made from digitally tinkering with images found via Google Image Search.

All Images are done from photographs found on Google Image Search. If you have any rights to the original images and would like credit for the photographs or would like them taken down, please comment on the entry. Your comment will be deleted, but the image will be taken down and replaced as well.